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Our Confidentiality Promise; Your Secret Is Safe With Us!

While we at Lustworxxx are strong promoters and believers in Sex Positivity and embracing one’s sexuality, we realize that for some of you, the idea of anyone finding out about your participation in a session like this is terrifying. Whatever your reason for wanting to keep your shoot with us confidential is, we take our responsibility to protect and safeguard not only your identity, but also the imagery that we create very seriously.

Since the privacy and security of our services is something that we are often asked about, we wanted to take a quick moment to highlight exactly how we go about making sure that your experience with us is as safe and secure as we can make it.

Optional Aliasas – When you send us an inquiry form we will give you the option to select an alias, and if you do, this is how we will address you in all of our emails and official communication. In other words, we won’t use real names, with the only exception to that being on the legal contracts and paperwork that we are required to fill out which will require your real name. Beyond the contract and legal documents, every communication between us and you will be done utilizing the alias that you’ve chosen for yourself.

Email Encryption – You can never be too careful with digital communications these days. To that end, and to help add an additional layer of security to our communications with you, we employ the use of email encryption technology that makes sure that all emails sent and received through our system are done so with secure methods that protect against unwanted intrusions into your privacy.

Website Encryption – Did you notice that our site requires a secure SSL or https:// connection? This means that all data traveling between our website and your browser is encrypted so that in the off chance someone is sniffing through your network data packets, no data about your interaction with us through our website is able to be viewed.

Password Protection – As you might expect, we also employ the use of passwords on our systems that ensure that you and only you have access to the imagery that we provide to you. As well, all of our shoots are archived on encrypted hard drives within password protected folders inside of password protected ZIP folders. In otherwords, a would-be hacker would need to not only crack our encryption technology, but also manage to have two separate passwords in order to gain access to your images.

Non-Disclosure Agreement – We don’t just expect you to trust that we will not disclose our work with you to anyone; we put it in writing, via an official NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) that legally prevents us from talking about you, your shoot, or the images created during your shoot with anyone other than yourself without your express permission. So you can sleep good at night knowing that no one will ever know you have worked with us unless you want them to.

Optional “No-Trace” Service – While we are really confident in the measures that we have mentioned above in regards to keeping your information and images with us safe, some of you may simply prefer that your session with us remain in your sole possession only. While we recommend allowing us to give you our complete service; including both the shoot and post-processing we usually do, we do offer what we call our ‘no-trace’ service as an optional addon for our clientele that requires the utmost security.

When you select our “no-trace” addon during the booking process it immediately changes the way that we will handle your session. Instead of post-processing your images following the session as we would with most of our work, for clients that have selected the “no-trace” addon we will simply hand you the SD card from our camera(s) after the shoot. We won’t archive them, we won’t have them on our website, and we won’t process them, nothing. We create the images and hand them directly to you to do with what you please, and our part in the process is done.

In-house Print Production – While we do partner with an established lab that we trust for most of our end-product production; be that prints, albums or any other product. We do realize that some of you may prefer that your images do not leave our hands for any reason. Lucky for you, we are able to provide in-house production on a variety of print products, meaning you can still order prints through us without needing to fear for the security of your images.

Personal Delivery – As an additional service for clients in our local service area, we are happy to provide personal delivery service of any products that you may order through us. What this means is that you don’t have to worry about your images getting stolen from your mailbox/porch, or mistreated by shipping/delivery personnel. We cut out all of that stress and simply set up a time with you to meet and deliver the images to you in person.

So there you have it; LustWorxxx is committed to the protection, security, and confidentiality of our clients and the images that we create for them. Simply put, your secret(s) are safe with us, and we look forward to the potential of working with you in the future. Did this page not answer your specific questions regarding the safety and confidentiality of our services here at LustWorxxx? No problem, simply drop us an email and we will be happy to get your question answered.