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We get it, we really do; This sounds exciting, it sounds like something that you may like to do, but you just have some questions about how we do things. Well, lucky for you, we often get similar questions form clients, and some of the most popular ones we have answered for you below.

If you happen to have a question that is not answered below feel free to reach out and we will get that answered for you no problem.

Q: Will you use my erotic images?

Absolutely not. We understand that it takes a lot of courage and trust do a session like this and that this is not something that the majority of you have ever done before or will ever do again. So we take that responsibility very seriously to make sure this is an experience that you remember fondly forever. Simply put, we do not use erotic imagery or video from client shoots on this site or in public without explicit permission from those pictured.

We do offer a special discount (ask us about it) to individuals and couples who are comfortable with allowing us to use some images from their session; usually only images or video where the subject(s) won’t be identifiable.

Q: Do you interact with your clients during these erotic sessions?

For 95% of our sessions, that answer is an absolute NO. However, now that we are offering some POV sessions (due to requests) we have laxed our stance on interacting with our subject during those specific sessions only. In those cases, any interaction will only occur with the express permission of the subject, strictly staying clear of all boundaries discussed ahead of the session. In other words, if you are interested in this, you can be interacted with, but only in ways that you specifically request and you can change your mind at any time.

If you are not doing a POV session than there will be no physical interaction between you and the photographer whatsoever.

Q: Will you shoot my partner (husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend, etc) with someone other than me?

If you have booked an erotic couples session you are free to do whatever you like during the session (so long as it is discussed ahead of time so we ar aware of what to expect). The only stipulations we have are that everything being done is legal and consensual between all of the parties involved; as long as what you have in mind doesn’t come up against one of those rules, you are free to do whatever you like.