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Erotic Couples Boudoir Photography


In essence LustWorxxx is your one stop shop for any sort of erotic photo or video content. Some of my most popular requested services are listed below, but we are an equal opportunity erotica maker, don’t feel discouraged if you don’t see what you are wanting on the list below. Just drop me an email and ask for a quote on what you want – chances are extremely high I will be comfortable shooting it.

Erotic boudoir

Looking for some erotic images of yourself; maybe just for some fun self love or as a gift for your partner? This is the session you want if you are looking for images of yourself being sexy and sexual with yourself up to your comfort level.

Erotic Couples Boudoir
Erotic Couples Boudoir

Looking for some erotic images of you and a partner (or two); these shoots are an absolute blast! There are no limits on these sessions in terms of what you can do; as long as it is consensual and legal, it’s fair game.

Erotic POV

These are some fun erotic sessions for individuals or couples who are interested in making the photoshoot process more of an interactive one where the viewer of the image feels as if they are participating in the scene their viewing.

(If interaction is requested between the photographer and the subject, rather than with a partner, during the pov style session then boundaries are extensively discussed and strictly followed.)

Erotic Video Production

Video production is much more nuanced than photo production both in terms of preparation needed and processing after the shoot is over. Due to this video projects must be discussed on a case by case basis.

Want more info?

If you’re interested in pricing details for any of the services listed above, or for a quote on any service that I may not have covered, simply click on my booking link and fill out an inquiry. You will automatically be emailed a complete price list for my standard services.